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Welcome to, a place for people interested in Open Badges to come together to learn. We go beyond microcredentials to help people understand that Open Recognition is for Everybody!

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Open Recognition is for Everybody

This is our online space to collaborate and recognise participation, creation, and reflection, as well as act as credentials. We are guided by this definition of Open Recognition. We have community calls, maintain Badge Wiki and steward working groups.

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Discover what Open Badges are and how they can be used

ORE Big tent

Our community meets online once a month and you’re very welcome!

open recognition toolkit

The Open Recognition Toolkit (ORT) helps you implement Open Recognition principles

We Are Open on open collective

We need sponsors! You can help pay for hosting costs or moderation, design & development and more.

Join us IRL

ePIC logo

In November 2024, many ORE community members will be at ePIC in Paris.

the badge summit

The community meets up at Badge Summit in Boulder, CO.

Involved Communities

open skills network

The OSN aims to reduce barriers in skills-based education.

open recognition alliance

The ORA brings together individual and collective actors from around the world

digital credentials consortium

The DCC is a network of leading international universities designing an open infrastructure for digital academic credentials.

“I feel belonging to this community more than any other I inhabit professionally. In fact, this community has been the constant while my professional affiliation has changed a few times…” (ORE survey participant)